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If you remain in Australia after your visa has expired you will be considered an unlawful non-citizen.

This is a serious and complex matter. Get advice. And fast.

Expired Visas and Visa Breaches

Overstaying Your Visa

If you remain in Australia after your visa has expired you may be detained and then removed from Australia and the government can recover the costs incurred in doing so.

The Australian government frowns upon people who overstay their visas. You limit your options dramatically by becoming unlawful. It’s very risky. If you have overstayed your visa it is important to get advice from an immigration lawyer immediately so you know your options.

If you’re unlawful for more than 28 days, you’ll be banned from returning to Australia for three years. This period will apply even if you leave Australia voluntarily.

Breach of Visa Conditions

We can help with a range of visa breaches including:

● Working more hours than prescribed in your visa conditions
● Not attending classes as required under the conditions of your student visa
● Leaving the designated area you are supposed to live in for two years

If you’ve breached your visa conditions it’s important you seek good advice immediately. Speak with one of the our experienced lawyers today on
02 9635 5333.

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