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A loved one’s last wishes.

We’ll help you identify if there is a will or other instrument of intent, find assets, and distribute the estate to beneficiaries.

Our Sydney probate lawyers will guide you across all elements of probate law in NSW.

Probate Lawyers, Solicitors & Executor Services

What is probate?

Probate is a court order sought by the executor of a deceased estate approving the distribution of assets to beneficiaries.
It’s important an executor ensures the assets of a loved one are distributed according to their will or any other approved informal statement, or if there is no will, in accordance with the law.
The Supreme Court in each state or territory of Australia supervises the process of administering and distributing the estate.
The court will appoint an executor if the deceased hasn’t nominated one.

Why is probate important?

Most banks and other asset holders, such as insurance companies and superannuation funds, will want to see a court ratified Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration before releasing or transferring assets. This is to ensure the person moving the assets has the authority to do so.

Court orders also ensure the executor can’t be sued down the track if someone disagrees with what’s been done.

Why choose Alan Rigas Solicitors for your probate?

We help speed up and simplify the process for you. We can help you identify if there is a valid will or other instrument of intent. We will help you identify the assets, guide you through the application process, and help you call in and distribute the estate.

To find out more or to get help with probate and estate law in NSW, contact Alan Rigas Solicitors on (02) 9635 5333.

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