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Student Visa Refusal Overturned


Student Visa Refusal: Refused decisions can be overturned

We’ve witnessed an increase in student visa refusal, with applicants from countries previously thought of as “low risk” being refused.
This includes European passport holders.
Lately we have worked on a number of cases where the Australian government has used its Genuine Temporary Entrant policy to refuse student visa extensions on the basis that applicants were assessed as not being genuine students.
We have had several of these refusals overturned on review at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
There maybe a good reason why an applicant fails to meet course attendance requirements such as health or personal issues.
Circumstances may also prolong your studies, causing the Department of Immigration to question your validity as a genuine student.
If you have been refused or think the Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria could result in your next visa applications refusal get in touch with us today.
We have helped international students from India, South America, Greece, Italy, Hungary and Nepal obtain permanent residency.
Our staff are fluent in English, Greek and Nepalese. Translators for all other languages are available on request.
As long as you lodge an appeal within 21 days of being refused we can help you properly address all the Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria.
The purpose of a student visa is for non residents to enter Australia on a temporary basis to obtain a qualification which they can apply in their home country.
The Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria is used to assess student visa applicants.
As part of a Genuine Temporary Entrant assessment, the Department of Immigration will consider:
1. Circumstances in your home country2. Your potential circumstances in Australia3. Your immigration history4. Value of the course to your future5. If the applicant is a minor – the intentions of the parent, legal guardian or spouse
We can help you navigate your Student Visa Refusal. Contact our office for assistance on (02) 9635 5333 or send an email to ua.moc.walsagir%40ofni
Alternatively, we are happy to conduct a free information session for students on campus.
Inquiries to:
Alan Rigas
Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law
Tel: (02) 9635 5333
Email: ua.moc.walsagir%40nala

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