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Making a Visa Application: How do I apply for an Australian visa?

  • Get the right visa

Ensure you are applying for the right visa for your circumstances.Fill out the application and include supporting documents.
Pay the application fee.
Providing false, misleading or deceptive documents or information is very serious.
Under the Migration Act, a visa applicant can be banned for three years for providing false documents or misleading information.
If the document or information relates to identity, there is a ten year ban from migration to Australia.

  • Health checks

Almost all visa types require health and character assessments which you must arrange and pay for. It’s important to check these requirements prior to applying.
Health checks can be arranged through the Department’s My Health Declarations portal prior to lodging the visa application or directly through the ImmiAccount after the visa has been lodged.

These clearances expire after 12 months so consider the visa processing times before undertaking health checks and obtaining police clearances.

  • Character test

All visa applicants must pass a character test to ensure they are not a serious criminal, involved in criminal activity, or a danger to the Australian community.
For character checks, many visas require police clearances which may take a long time to obtain.
Police clearances must be attached to the visa applications before the Department of Immigration is ready to make a decision.


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