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Company & Business Sponsored Migration

There are three steps to obtaining a TSS 482 visa for an overseas employee

  • Become a business sponsor

To apply for approval as a business sponsor, the business must demonstrate:

● it has been lawfully operating
● it is of good standing and can meet its obligations under the sponsorship by providing documents such as business registration, financial statements, annual reports, newsletters etc.
● The business must also demonstrate it has the financial capacity to meet the obligations of employing a non-resident employee.
Once obtained sponsorship approval is generally valid for 5 years. However, there are a number of exceptions to this:

● If a business has been established for less than 12 months the business sponsorship approval, and any associated TSS visas, will be valid for 18 months max.
● High volume sponsors can apply to become accredited sponsors. Their sponsorship is valid for 6 years.

  • Nominate each position

To have overseas workers on a TSS 482 visa they must be skilled in a government approved occupation.
The salary for the nominated position must be above the minimum wage levels set by the department (the TSMIT). The current TSMIT is $53,900.00 excluding superannuation. The salary must also meet the Annual Market Salary Rate.
You’ll also have to demonstrate:
● The non-resident’s terms and conditions of employment match those of an Australian employee located at the same site, employed in the same occupation● Where there is no Australian equivalent employee the salary, terms and conditions must match a domestic worker doing equivalent tasks in the area where the employment is to occur.

The employer must also pay the Skilling Australians Fund Levy when lodging the nomination.

  • Overseas worker applies

When applying for a visa to enter or remain in Australia the main visa applicant needs to show they have qualifications and skills which match that of the nominated position.

The visa applicant will also need to demonstrate that they have vocational English or meets one of the exemptions that the Department of Immigration provides concerning English.

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