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Help Improve Special Needs Classrooms in South Africa


On a recent trip to South Africa my sister and I had the privilege of visiting two local schools in Durban, Beacon Ridge Primary School and West Park School.

Despite the positive nature of the children and the amazing support network of the teaching staff and school leadership, we were saddened to discover the poor condition of the school facilities and limited resources available for learning.

At Beacon Ridge, about 50% of the children have HIV and require significant support from the principal and the teaching staff.

West Park School is a school for specific purposes, where all students present with either a physical or mental disability.

In both cases the school leadership is excellent and all staff go beyond their obligations to care for the students.

Unfortunately the schools don’t receive much Government funding. The facilities and resources are limited and in disrepair.

Much help and support is needed. As such, my team is aiming to raise $20,000 to be shared across both schools so as to improve classroom resourcing and facilities.

Please help these amazing schools by making a donation on our
GoFundMe page and sharing with your network.

Thank You
Alan Rigas

By Rigas Law | April 9th, 2019| Firm Updates