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Relationships end but the obligation to financially support your kids doesn’t.


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Child support is managed by the Child Support Agency, a part of the federal government Department of Human Services.
The Child Support Scheme is designed to help separated parents take joint responsibility for the financial support of their children by:
● calculating how much child support should be paid based on the costs of raising children, how much parents earn, and the percentage of care, as well as● collecting and transferring child support payments between separated parents
The formulas used to stipulate who pays child support and how much they are obliged to pay can be confusing.
If you need help negotiating a fair arrangement contact Alan Rigas Solicitors on (02) 9635 5333 or the Child Support Agency on 131 272.


● Paternity issues● Change of child support assessments● Departure orders● Child support agreements/Variation of agreements● Enforcement of child support debts● Overseas child support matters


A separated family may have child support assessed under a formula assessment, an agreement, or court order registered with the Child Support Agency (CSA).
There are three ways to pay child support:
● Self management: this lets you arrange your child support payments without involving the authorities. You and the other person decide the amount of child support to pay, as well as when and how it will be paid. You manage the payments between yourselves and you don’t need to register with the Child Support Agency.● Private collect: you and the other person work out how and when payments are made between yourselves, based on a child support assessment agreement or court order. The Child Support Agency works out much to pay. But it’s up to you to manage the payments and keep records of your arrangement and payments. If payments are unpaid, you can ask the Child Support Agency to start collecting payments.● Child Support Agency collects and transfers payments: this may be preferable if you think your ex is likely to miss or withhold payments. The Child Support Agency has enforcement options if payments aren’t made on time. However, if circumstances change, remember that you could find yourself on the receiving end of whatever arrangements you put in place.

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Don’t voluntarily quit your high paying job and automatically expect to pay less child support. The cost of raising your children doesn’t change so the Child Support Agency will expect you to maintain payments at the agreed level. This doesn’t apply if you are made redundant, have health issues, or your employer legitimately reduces your income.

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