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COVID-19 & No Further Stay Conditions


COVID-19 & No Further Stay Conditions Explained

If you are in Australia and your current visa has the condition “No Further Stay” attached to it then you must depart Australia prior to your current visas expiry or seek to have this condition waived so that you can then apply for a new visa from within Australia.

The above must be undertaken prior to the expiry of the current visa.

To have the condition ‘No Further Stay’ waived you must demonstrate that:

1. Since being granted the visa that was subject to the condition, compelling and compassionate circumstances have developed:
● over which you had no control; and
● that resulted in a major change to your circumstances.
2. If the minister has previously refused to waive the condition, the minister is satisfied that the circumstances mentioned in paragraph (1) are substantially different from those considered previously.

A request to waive the condition must be made in writing.

The present effects of COVID-19 and the related travel restrictions are matters that may be considered relevant for the waiving of a “No Further Stay” condition.

If you are a student visa holder who has been affected by COVID-19 contact Alan Rigas Solicitors in Sydney to discuss your circumstances: 02 9635 5333

Covid-19 Update

Please click below to read some of the recent announcements made by the Australian Government in its efforts to protection Australians from Covid-19.

It is important to keep in mind that as the Covid-19 situation develops in Australia, the Australian Government will announce further measures.

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By Rigas Law | March 24th, 2020 | Visa Updates, Work visas